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Working with CAMERA

The Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA) has been funded by the EPSRC and the University of Bath. CAMERA are offering 12 hours FREE support and training to Tangle as part of their ESIF funded business assist programme.

Short interview and project scoping

To kick off the project we had a couple of short interviews with Eva Martino

Knowledge development: Photogrammetry avatar and motion capture Pipeline 

We were invited to learn the all about the various specialist capture technologies at the CAMERA
At the beginning of March we visited the institute on the Bath University campus to learn how to create a fully rigged avatar along with fellow immersive maker Hollie Page.

With CAMERA's expertise we were able to capture Hollie entirety with their 360 degree photogrammetry system and then Chris donned a motion capture suit to record a bunch of movements that we can apply to Hollie's avatar!

We're only half way through our time with CAMERA and are looking forward to creating a pipeline for accessible avatar creation for people visiting our space in Broadwalk!

Accessible avatar creation pipeline